Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kim and Joe's Wedding

We had a great time at Eagle Crest in Central Oregon for Kim and Joe's wedding.  It was a fun little Ainge family reunion.  My favorite parts of the long weekend were watching Dane for a night and also watching Briz perform her duties as flower girl.  She loved being part of the wedding: she basically thought it was her wedding.  And she was also completely enamored with Kimmy the whole weekend.  She loved her beautiful princess wedding dress. And when she discovered that Kim has a beautiful singing voice, oh forget it, she had her new idol.
 Briz getting her directions from the Wedding Coordinator.

 She was very very focused.  We were a little nervous because we had no idea how she would do.

 But she threw those flowers down like a pro. I was so proud of my little girl.  She seemed so grown up in that moment.

 She was a little tired after her flower girl duties.

 Making out with Dad  . . . again.

 In their matching purple outfits.

 Briz' face cracks me up in this picture.  This is normally what her forced, camera smile looks like.  

 She thought her and Cami, the Maid of Honor were twins with their blonde hair and purple dresses.

 All of the Ainge siblings.  Have to take a picture because it doesn't happen that often where they are all together.

 The Michels family.  Sorry if this is a spoiler of their Christmas card :)

 Love this picture of Grandpa and Grandma.  Epitomizes them pretty well. 

 Briz and her idol.

 The August 25th couples.  

 Cousins.  I found both of their outfits at Janie and Jack.  Yep, I splurged just a bit.  I couldn't help myself.

 Some forced cousin love.


Auntie Diane Ainge said...

Kim and Joes wedding was like a fairytale and Brizzy was awesome!! Perfect day, gorgeous weather and wonderful families joining together to celebrate love!!! Thanks for being an important part of Kimmys big day!! We luv U guys!!!

Briawna said...

so sad we couldn't be there. stupid arkansas. i love that briz is passing on the tradition of smothering baby cousins with unsolicited love. so cute. portia was so jealous.

Nick and Lexie Cottle said...

Actually Bri, she doesn't smother Dane. She gets grossed out by his drueling, so she only touches him when we make her :)