Tuesday, September 25, 2012

S'more cruisin'

I thought I would share some more pictures that Carly sent me.  And also, I realized I completely forgot to add our quotes from the trip:

- "You're sluffing some juicy ones." (Nick)
-"What are these muscles called?" "Trapezoids." (Carly and Lexie)
- "I am just really glad that Bradley Cooper is finally seizing his moment. Good for him." (Daniel after reading the current ship magazine).
- "Uh uh uh uh." (The man in the Love and Marriage Game on the ship).
- "I am not going to applaud farting." (Some man behind us after someone made a joke on stage about farting).
-"Welcome to hell." (David, our Belize tour guide)
- "I am like a whoppper with a lot of stuff on it." (A young newlywed who was trying to make a comparison with fast food and himself).

Nick jumping off a dock at West Bay Beach in Honduras.

Digging a hole with Henry at West Bay Beach.  The cutest kid ever.  And of course they had to dig a hole.  Nick did have to convince Daniel to participate, but we all knew he wouldn't be able to resist.

Shaking his booty onstage while having a bit of our own dance party.

Soft Serve!!!

In Grand Cayman Island, they had these cool water tables.  They were extremely comfortable.  We decided that the next time we go there we should laminate cards and play in the water for hours.

Don't know what I'm laughing at but it must have been pretty funny.

Serious card players.

Superman pose with Fast Eddie.


Our two guides having a contest to see who can unharness the men quicker.  There was a lot of trash talking and it was intense.

Winning a medal after putt putt golf and I am very excited about it.  This is nothing to compared to the awesome  ship trophy I won for movie trivia.  And Daniel got one as well for Sports Trivia.

Posing next to Henry at West Bay Beach.

Right before Carly slammed her head against Daniel and almost got killed.  But it was well worth it, as you can see.

Upside down pose with Fast Eddie.  This picture scares me a little bit.


Carly said...

The upside down picture with Eddie scares me a lot

Briawna said...

that last picture looks really wrong. that's all. and my security words for this post are pg and dubstep. awesome.

Meredith said...

That looks awesome! Vacationing with friends sounds so fun. I am really proud of you for winning an award for movie trivia. But I too am disturbed by the pictures with fast Eddie.