Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Boring blog title, I know.  But I have a lot of little things to update, so here they are:

Started soccer class and I absolutely love watching Briz.  I always tell myself that I am going to get a bunch of stuff done during that time, like respond to emails, etc.  But I can't stop watching and laughing.  Of course, like all of her other classes, getting stamps at the very end is the most exciting part.

Up until a few days ago, it has been gorgeous weather here.  Like unusual sunniness, which we deserve because overall, the weather in Oregon has been crappy this year.  So we tried to spend our spare moments outside.  Here we are doing some chalk drawing, and this is my body outline.  It really is an extreme likeness.

Fall Shopping.  It's amazing how I think Briz has a ton of clothes and then as soon as the seasons change, I freak out about her not having any of the clothes she needs.  So to Old Navy we went.  And the highlight for Briz was standing with this "nice family."  She asked me to take a picture of her with them.

Also started ballet class, and she could not love it more.  Her pirouettes and gallops are being refined and she loves telling me that she's a ballerina.  She also loves all of her new little friends.

I love this picture of her giggling with her friend and looking at themselves in the mirror.

I have been working a lot.  I am very excited for November 6th, not only because I will be excited to pull an all nighter watching CNN but because I will be relieved.  In the meantime, Briz has been very patient and likes to work with me in my office sometimes on her own "computer."

Uncle James was nice enough to give us tickets to the Ducks/Washington game.  We were in the student section, right where we want to be.  Except, when our  neighbor decided to throw up everywhere.  Awesome.  It was still fun though.  

Watched Conference.  It was a great weekend.  I loved so many of the talks, but in particular Elder Bowen's talk.  It felt like it was just us for our family and what we needed to hear.  I can always be reminded of the healing power of the atonement when it comes to grieving.

Briz was a sport and loved Bingo.  Except every time she put a sticker on she would yell, "I won!"  She is getting extremely competitive these days and wants to win at everything.  We are still working on being a good loser.

We headed to the pumpkin patch where we got pumpkins for Briz and Holly.

Loves being sarcastically obedient, whether it's "Yes your majesty" or  "Yes sir!"  Here she looks like she is saying "Hail Hitler" which truthfully wouldn't surprise me.  Also, we have been having fun with  Halloween tattoos.

The rain has officially come.  And so out come the rain boots.  Briz being so excited about her boots makes the rain almost worth it.

Briz with her pumpkins.

This is her new favorite pose, sticking her tongue out.

She found this piece of old corn and carried it around with her everywhere.  She made me bring it home (which may or may not have been stealing).  I am pretty sure it is still in my purse.

Other updates:

- We are trying to rent, sell, or rent/sell our house.  I hate it and I want it to be over with already.  It's a huge pain.

- We have been busy planning the Holly Hoop.  We have a bunch of family coming into town this week which I am excited for.  But Nick and I have been nonstop busy.  When I get to sit down and read at night for thirty minutes I am thrilled.

- I learned how to do subway art on pic monkey.  Oh yeah, I discovered pic monkey and it's a problem.  

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Meredith said...

Indoor soccer "class" - that is cool. I can't wait for Weston to be old enough for stuff like that.