Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Fun

Summer is here, and even though the weather has yet to warm up (big shocker), we have been trying to take advantage of a lot of fun activities.  

We went on a Portland walk with Megan and Piper.  Piper and Briz are quite the pair.  They are even loving/smothering each other or making each other cry.  

They are also weird together.  This, was right after Megan and I told the girls to not play in the yucky drug infested water, and also after Piper tried to carry on a conversation with the nearby homeless man.

Our walk was awesome, but we did cross some sketchy areas.  It was not a walk I would want to take alone.  In Portland they have all of these cool water fountains everywhere.  I was freaking out cause there was a pigeon sitting on this one literally like 2 feet away from me.  He was not flinching or budging at all.  I couldn't believe it.  And it also made me think twice about drinking out of these water fountains.

Who knew a big rock could be entertaining?

We also went on a hike with Papa, Nona, Jaxon, and Nash up to Oneonta Falls.

Waterfall # 1:

Briz did a pretty good job hiking the three miles.  But she definitely tried to work it with her cousin, and asked him to hold her quite a bit.  Jaxon then took it to the next level and tried to carry her on his shoulders.  I am pretty sure he only weighs about ten more pounds than her.

 Waterfall # 2:

The scary bridge that had a sign indicating it was structurally weak and could only have one person on at a time.  Uhhh . . .

Waterfall # 3:

Love living near the Gorge and love having Briz join me on hikes.

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