Sunday, August 4, 2013

Uncle Lanny

It is sorta crazy how far behind I am with pictures and updates, but this has been one crazy summer.  Luckily it's all been really fun, good stuff.  The downside is I get very far behind with my regular tasks; i.e. blogging, cleaning, cooking, showering.  Ya know, the extras.  

Uncle Landon came home for about a month in between graduating from college/Costa Rica trip and the start of his new job at Goldman Sachs.  We got to see a lot of Uncle Lanny and he was a huge help:  picking up Briz from preschool, helping me move furniture into my new office, and just hangin' out.  

This is a picture of us at the beach the day before he headed back to Utah.  It was supposed to be warm and sunny, but that's the Oregon Coast for you.  Instead we hung out and froze for a bit.

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