Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pops and Grandma Julie came into town to visit us.  This year, they decided to forego helping out at the Epic Relay, which they have helped with the last few years (It ended up being a good choice because the relay ran really smoothly and didn't need much help).  So this year, their trip was a bit more relaxed.  We did a lot of hanging at home.  And as always Pops and Grandma Julie were so great about spending time with and watching Briz.

On Friday, they took Briz to the beach while Nick and I went hiking.  We then met them at Lincoln City and spent a lot time swimming in the in-door pool.   We then spent the next day driving up the Oregon Coast, which I've never done and have always wanted to do.  We ended up at Canon Beach, where they were having a sandcastle competition.  Little did we know, we would have to walk 2 miles down the beach to reach the sandcastles.  Nick and I ended up jogging back so we can make it back to town in time for our family pool party.

Briz decided this would be a good place to rehearse her dance and sing to herself.   Can you say DRAMATIC?  Sheesh.  In pretty much everything she does.

We also brought Brizzy's prized kite, but it ended up being a let down.  Apparently, walking and flying a kite is just way too difficult.

The best sandcastle was Candyland.  It was pretty cool.

Right after we dropped Pops and Grandma Julie off at the airport, this was Briz and I's conversation:

Briz: "Mom open the door!"
Me: "Why?"
Briz: Because I need to get out!"
Me: "Why?
Briz: "I want to fly on the plane with Pops and Grandma Julie."
Me: "We're going to Utah next month."
Briz: "I want to go now."
Me: "Sorry sweetie, you don't have a ticket."
Briz: "I can just tell them that I lost my ticket!"

She loves them and we can't wait to see them in Utah.

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