Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4 months

Considering the fact that Wembley is almost 5 months old now, I thought I would share about her when she was 4 months old.

4 months was a marker of when Wembley started to be a lot less miserable as a baby.  Her acid reflux has made her so unhappy, and so its been so fun to see her acid reflux improve and her happy little personality come out.

4 months was a low point for the amount of hair.  I am happy to report it has started to grow, slowly.  I never imagined I would have such a bald baby.

Wembley loves her Papa, particularly when he sings to her.  They have a lot of happy singing/talking between them.  But this is probably because Papa never lets her cry and gives her nonstop attention.

She druels a lot!  It seems that there is pretty much always druel or puke coming out of her mouth.

We started her on rice cereal and have since introduced green beans.  She loves rice cereal and she is starting to like the green beans.  

She continues to love bath time and is a little splashing maniac in the bath.  I am pretty sure she thinks she can swim.

I started to not swaddle her arms to make me feel more secure in putting her in her crib.  She flings her arms around a ton at night, so I started giving her little things to cuddle with.  I have since moved her to the pack n play.  I love watching her cuddle.

Nick has been starting his standing tricks with Wembley and she couldn't love it more.  She thinks she is so big and loves her Dad's attention.

I love our feeding time when she talks to me and smiles.  

I got this hat from a friend and thought it was really funny dressing her in it.  

Waiting for the bus with Briz.  This was pre-storm weather.  Now walking to the school bus in the pouring rain with  baby is interesting.

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