Saturday, November 22, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was a bit of a weird day because Brizzy wasn't feeling great.  She acted like she was on the verge of getting the flu.  I spent the morning working and then went to her class for her Halloween party.  I manned the Halloween story station, while they did a cakewalk and Halloween crafts.  They also had special Halloween treats.

I knew Briz wasn't feeling well right away because she didn't eat any of her treats.  I felt so bad for her because she was so excited for the big day and tried to stay excited but broke down a few times crying.

I made her take a nap and she acted like she felt a little bit better that afternoon.  We quickly carved pumpkins and then got dressed for Halloween.  Nothing like procrastinating.  Brizzy had a hard time deciding whether she wanted to wear her Ariel wig or do the red hair spray.   

Briz was Ariel, Wembley was Sebastian (I found a great dog costume for cheap).  Nick was Aaron Rogers.  We went around our neighborhood and then quickly realized Briz was bored on her own, so we met up with our friends the Downs and they took us to some high flyers in their neighborhood.  Again, Briz acted strange as she only wanted to go to a few houses.

I was so excited to decorate my house for Halloween.  I did the inside a while ago, but I didn't get to my walkway until about 15 minutes before it got dark on the night of Halloween.  And then i quickly realized that it was silly because we wouldn't even be there to hand out candy. 

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