Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cabin Time

We had our annual cabin gathering, minus a few people.  Paul and Mac didn't come, as they are in San Diego with their new baby.  Ronell was in Germany, and Nick had to work.  I ended up going up for just a little under 2 days cause I also had to work.  It was still fun though.

Landon brought Jen his new fiancee!  She definitely won the popularity contest because all the kids just swarmed her.  She was a good sport.  The Ainges can be a very loud, chaotic bunch to be around.  

I didn't get many pictures of the water which is too bad because it was amazing.  The water was not painfully cold this year, and it was 90 degrees every day.  So we basically lived in the water.  At night, the kids colored, played games, and watched the Lego Movie.

The Kuykendalls came up on Saturday and took us out on the boat.  I got my annual surfing fix.  I was in heaven!  Tyus is just about to leave on his mission, so it was fun to spend some time with him.  We were making fun of him for smelling his food prior to eating it.

Thatcher wanted to throw rocks the whole time.  And that's it.  He also loved Tanner and Sierra's dog, Saylor.  He wanted to jump on her, push on her, bite her . . .

And Teya as always is the family cuddler.  This is my favorite picture from the weekend because it shows how Teya is NOT shy.  Tyus really appreciated the attention.

After dinner, we played games of Charades and 2 truths and a lie.  The little kids thought it was hilarious.

I love the cabin.  It's a lot of work with two little kids by myself, but its so worth it.

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