Saturday, August 15, 2015


I met my Mom, Dad, Tanner, and Sierra up at the gorge and we hiked up Onenonta falls.  I've been wanting to do this hike all summer, and I'm so glad we finally did.  It's a big dicey at first cause you have to climb over a bunch of suspended logs.  But we got through it and the kids did great (after a bit of whining).  We then hiked for about a half a mile along this stream.  The water was COLD but felt very refreshing and good.

Nick carried Dubs on his back, which was nice, cause I probably would have been a bit nervous to do it myself.  

The girls wanted to show me how tough they were by sitting in the water.

Little did they know it would eventually go up to their neck.

We ended up at a cool waterfall and swimming hole.  A few of us jumped off some rocks into the swimming hole.  It felt really good.  

The week was a bit of a blur (it gives me a bit of a glimpse of what its like to have five kids), so I don't remember exactly what we did when.  We went to the library to see the "reptile man."  They kids loved it.  And Portia even got to go up and hold the big yellow python.  

Wembley was a bit of a disaster, there was a lot of people and she does not hold still.

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