Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Home Improvements

Mike, Juiie, and Jacci came into town from Utah for a quick visit.  Mike was here for his birthday so it was fun celebrating with him.  We got to spend time together, just hanging with the kids, going swimming at Mark and Susie's, and as always when Mike is in town, working on our house/yard.  Not exactly sure what we would do without him.  He has saved us thousands of dollars.  Every time he comes, I can't help but think that it would be great if he lived next door (not sure he would feel the same way!)

This visit, him and Nick, dug out some plants in the side of our yard, and started putting up the new fence.  This doesn't capture most of it, but it looks awesome.  Only problem is now we haven't finished the side of the fence, so we are completely exposed in our back yard.

They also started figuring out the side patio that we are going to put in.  

They picked up a new kitchen table for us.  Our old was so crappy.  But we love our new table.  It makes you actually want to hang out in the kitchen.

Our list for the house is still so long and our fund are oh so limited, but I love making it ours.  


Carly said...

I love the color of your hardwood floors. I wish Daniel was willing to do anything to our house, but he is probably right that it wouldn't be cost effective for us.

Amander N said...

I need a FIL like that. And nice new kitchen table! I need to come back up to Portland to see it in person.