Monday, December 7, 2015

Week of Yard Work

November has flown by!  Not sure where the month went.

The week before Thanksgiving was a work week.  I had a lot of work, Nick started his new job at Nike, and we worked a ton in the yard since we had a few days of no rain.

That also means lots of frozen food for dinner.  I also needed to clear up refrigerator and freezer space for Thanksgiving.  So no cooking for me.  Wembley continues to be a disaster at every meal.  She hates sitting still, so sitting still at meals is a battle.  She whines and complains and wants to eat on the run.  It helps when Brizzy is home, because they entertain each other.  But usually Wembley tries to spread food all over Brizzy or poke her with her fork and Briz gets annoyed.

Mmm, peach juice shampoo.  Dubs is turning into such a little clown.

I started working in the yard on Friday.  I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and an immunodeficiency recently.  It's a weird thing because mostly I just feel wimpy, and I try to will myself to have more energy.  Sometimes I think I can handle than I actually can.  I started to rake leaves this day, but I felt like I was going to topple over after a little while.  I was still able to get about half of the front yard done, so I was proud of myself.

This is what the other side of the yard still looked like.

Briz has been learning a lot about the moon and stars recently and she loves it. Every few days she has to go outside and try to find the moon.  One day after school she sat in the backyard and just stared into the sky for about 30 minutes.  So sweet.  

Having Nicks help on Saturday was so nice!  And Briz thought it was fun to help for about 10 minutes.  

We had tumbling competitions into the leaves.  

And Briz and Wembley smashed leaves down into the garbage.  Nick is also sporting his Movember mustache.  Yes, just a mustache.  It was creepy.  And his mom kept making fun of him.

Wembley loves being outside, but it was pretty cold this day.  Her cheeks got all chapped and were red for a couple days.  We aren't used to this whole sunny cold thing!

This is what it looked like after we were done.

And oh yeah, 4 more bags on the side of the house.  We didn't even try to do the backyard.

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Meredith said...

I love fall and beautiful trees...but the leaf raking is no joke. Steven finally mowed the leaves and then we bagged the cut leaves. I am so sorry to hear you are so sick. They gave you some diagnoses but do they have any causes or possible solutions?!