Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hello November

This week we have officially entered into dreary Oregon weather.  It's cloudy, rainy, and cold. It kind of came out of nowhere, but it definitely feels like winter.  On top of that, our furnace wasn't working.  It was kind of nice having our wood burning stove going, but it was COLD in our house.  

Briz only had two days of school last week.  My friend Ashley sent me a picture of her son and Brizzy eating lunch together.  Briz loves Chase, and loves it when her friends moms come and eat lunch with them.  

I have the most thoughtful, best friends in the world.  Carly sent me this print on the anniversary of Holland's death.  I was really busy with the Holly Hoop and taking care of my health so I didn't really get a chance to look at it.  But this last week, I found a frame and after I framed it I just sat and cried.  I was crying for a few reasons.  One because very rarely do I sit and think about all three of my girls being together, but this just captured it.  And I felt so grateful for such amazing friends.  I don't deserve such kindness, but I'm grateful for it.

With our day off, we went over to the Childrens Museum.  Us and about 1/3 of Portland were there.  It was nuts.  And Wembley was getting her molars so she was a stinker. It was a little hard because Briz and Wembley wanted to do different things.  Brizzy was a good sport to follow Wembley around though.  She was just excited to go do something fun with us.

Wembley wanted to stay at this light thing forever!  

They always have new exhibits, and they just stared the Blue Man Group one.  It was pretty fun.  Again, Wembley found her favorite thing and wanted to do it over and over again.

Thursday, we had playdates with Cate and Blair.  It was fun having four little girls around.  It involved a lot of mom and daughter pretend as well as some dance parties/singing.

Thursday night I had baby shower at my house for my Kristi.  It was small, but it was really fun and I'm so excited for her to have her baby boy. 

Friday morning we drove up to Seattle to stay with Bri and Ronell.  We went and picked the kids up from their school and surprised them since they didn't know we were coming.  Briz got to spend some time in Portia's 3rd grade classroom and she thought that was pretty cool.

Friday night we went back to the school for a fundraiser where Portia was singing in her school choir.

And Saturday they had basketball games.  Palmer and Portia had games at the same time, so Briz went to Portias and I went to Palmers.  I LOVE this kid.  He is the sweetest, most innocent, smart little boy.  

That night we went to Cafe Rio.

And the next day they had their primary program at church.

Wembley loved getting all of the attention, although didn't appreciate being held or picked up.  Briz was in heaven playing with her cousins.  It made me excited for the Holidays.

Wembley kept saying. "Thatchew."  She loved him, and they gave some sweet kisses to each other.

I love that we get to do these quick visits every so often.  Brizzy cried when we left of course, as she usually does.  She loves her cousins and misses them.  But we'll see them soon enough!


Meredith said...

Carly is such a thoughtful gift giver. But you do deserve her as a friend.
That children's museum looks awesome.

Amander N said...

Carly definitely wins the best friend award. That was such a sweet gift. You always seem like such a fun mom. And aren't you supposed to be resting???