Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back to Life, Back to Reality

As we got back into school and work and the regular routine of things, and I put all of my Christmas stuff away, I was motivated to clean and organize.  I didn't get very far, I got portions of my office done, the playroom, and then sorted through paperwork.

With Brizzy's constant art work, I am always reorganizing that.  And I was behind a few months, so here is some that I took down from her bulletin boards in her room . . .

She went through a few weeks in the fall where she was very into drawing portraits.  Here is Snow White

A self portrait from the summer.

A giraffe and birds from the zoo.

One of her many many notes.  She writes me a few notes every day.  They're all very sweet.  

She also loves copying books.  Here she made her own version of this board book.  

And sketches of her toys/stuffed animals.  One of her favorite palace pets.  I can't believe she didn't trace this.  

This is a really old one that must have been left up for a while, but its her self portrait from September at the start of Kindergarten.

And her opinion writing from last spring in Kindergarten.

We had this picture on cardboard from way back in Nike Tykes.  She is a little 3 year old here.  How has she already doubled her age?!

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