Thursday, January 21, 2016

Keep the Old Ones

Second week of January I started getting into the Valentines swing of thing.  I love Holidays and often they sneak up on me and I don't get to do all of the fun Holiday stuff I wanted to.  We are going out of town in February, so I knew we needed to start early.  We made some heart shaped Valentines cookies.  And with everything that I try with the girls, its a complete disaster.  I have no idea how we always make such a mess.  But they had fun decorating and mostly eating the cookies.  One of Wembley's favorite words is "cookoo."  That girl loves her cookies.

I've been trying to make more of an effort to do Brizzy's hair and help her pick out her clothes.  It helped that Portia was here and was a positive influence on Briz for matching her clothes.  I was being really lazy before with her hair and clothes.  It's easy to not do anything with her hair because its short.     

My college roommate Meredith came into town with her husband and three boys.  I haven't met her kids because she's been in other places around the country.  It was SO fun!  They were here for a job interview and I'm really really hoping they get it because it would be so fun to have them around.  

Here is Nolan and Dubs giving each other hugs.  The twins and Dubs are 6 weeks apart.  And Briz loved having Weston around to play with/boss around.

I can't help but act like an idiot when I'm around my friends.

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Amander N said...

I love that you and Meredith got to hang out! It looks like so much fun! I haven't seen her since she was pregnant with the twins.