Sunday, January 3, 2016

December went by in a whirl, as it usually does.  It was full of lots of busyness and a lot of rain!  

Wembley had her 18 month appointment.  She's in the 30th percentile for head size, 45th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height.  You would never know she was below average for her weight, because her belly gets bigger by the day (still doesn't compare to Brizzys at this age).  She screamed a little less than she has in her previous appointments so I was excited about the progress in that area.  Developmentally she is doing great.  She's extremely verbal and extremely active.  In other words, I'm tired.

But she is such a cute little bug.  I love it when she's sleepy cause that's the only time she will cuddle with me.  And then I give her kisses and she giggles.

We had our Ward Christmas Party.  My friend put it on and she did an amazing job.  I spent the two days before the party helping her out, so I was busy, amongst doing other things.  But it was fun to be part of such an awesome night.   We had a visit from Santa first in the foyer.  We then had a yummy dinner with pear spinach salad and different kinds of meatballs and rice.  We then had a Star Search Program.  It was funny, cute, and my girls were enthralled the whole time.  They had delicious desserts and the gym was decked out.  

Briz had her Christmas dance recital, "The Polar Express."  As always it was very cute.  And Briz is starting to turn into a good little dancer.  She loves it and its fun to watch her.

We went with a big group of girls to go see the Nutcracker downtown.  

Briz loved it and was the narrator for Ella the whole time.  She liked being the big girl that could share her knowledge of the ballet :)

All of the little girls in our group. 

We decorated gingerbread houses with the Thaynes.  It was a bit chaotic because there was literally only one night in the whole month where both of us were available, and it was a time period in between dance recital and Nick's HOA meeting.  

On our playdate we made it to Unplugged, the museum down the street.  We met some other friends there.  And I had a blast with Cate and Wembley helping them play and dress up.

Wembley was my little helper all month long.  And when I say helper I mean, got in the way every single time I tried to wrap presents.  Thank goodness for nap time!  I was surprised at how little she destroyed everything else christmasy though.

Sending Dad some pics at work.  Nick got a new job last month and has been working late in the month of december.  With that and his calling, setting up tithing settlement, and my own busy work schedule, it seemed like we communicated mostly via text.

I am mimicking Wembley's excited/surprised face!  

Nick had the big 34 birthday.  It was pretty uneventful.  We did go downtown and stay in a hotel while my parents watched the girls.  The next day we went shopping where I got annoyed with him for being the most picky husband ever.  We shopped for 2 hours and 6 stores for church shoes.  It was really fun!

We came home, had cupcakes and watched Home Alone as a family.  Silver Tuna tonight!

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