Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am cheap

I am a very cheap person and normally I pride myself on this. But this last time I was particularly cheap came back to bite me in the butt. When I was in Utah, Nick once again brought up the idea of going blonde. Now I didn't really want to go all the way blonde, but I sort of thought, okay, you know what, I'll try going lighter. And I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do it while I was in Utah, because they have all of these cheap hair schools.

I planned it all out and had my sister, Bri, babysit Briz while I was gone. Long story short, it ended up taking 6 hours, and my hair turned out bright copper yellow!!!! While I was in the salon, my main concern was leaving so I could get to my baby and feed her. So I don't think I really looked close enough at my hair. I remember not loving it, but sort of though, oh well, maybe its okay. Wrong. It was definitely not okay. It wasn't like highlights. I'm talking a weave on every strand of my hair! I spent that whole night crying and calling people I knew that know anything about hair.

Luckily my friend Kristi does hair and walked me though how to dye my hair. I dyed it back to brown, and I will admit, I was sort of proud of myself. I still have a few random copper spots on my hair, but you can't really see them. And I'm grateful my hair grows fast. It was a truly traumatic experience and I am not sure I can emotionally handle getting my hair done again.


Amander said...

I wish you would have taken a picture!

And I'd love to see you blonde one day. I think you'd look hot!

Briawna said...

seriously, I need to see a picture, especially since I watched your kid for six hours and didn't even get to see the horror. Maybe you can show me how to dye my hair.
P.S. Do you have the signing time DVD's? I assume so since they're not in my cupboard.