Tuesday, July 21, 2009


July 10 - 11 was the very first Prelay. Nick and some of his friends started a company where they put on very long relay races. The Prelay went from Portland to Eugene. I was able to help out just a little, take some pictures, and just see the runners and the trail. It was a beautiful trail along the country of Oregon. I was jealous of the runners, and I really hope I'm in good enough shape to run it next summer. It was a small race, and there are definitely things that will be improved upon. But for their first event, it was a big hit. They did so well, but I think Nick is still recovering from not sleeping for a few days. A bonus was Shaun and Michael's wives and kids came up to visit as well. It was fun for us all to be together.

Happy at the beginning of the race.

Very very tired at the finish.

Shaun and Preston at the finish spot in Eugene.

Hanging out along the race

Papa, who wants to be the Grandpa for every little kid he sees.

Kristi and Will admiring the little birds up in the trees.

Will sportin' the sweat band.



Amander said...

Congrats to Nick on completing the first prelay!

Meredith said...

Did you have the turn out you hoped for? Briz looked really cute

Papworth's said...

Love the sweat band! So fun. I like your pictures of the event too!