Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Post Prelay

After the Prelay and the boys got some sleep, everyone seemed to be in a better mood. We were all relieved that it was a successful event, but even more than that, that it was done!!! We attempted to take two toddlers and one infant to downtown Portland. We went to 23rd and then the Rose Garden, where we got some great pictures.

My favorite rose, the orange one with a bit of pink on it (although that's not its technical name, but I don't really care).
Such a cute picture of Shaun and Preston.

Will is smelling the roses.

Mr. Mom. I kept calling him that and he was getting extremely irritated with me. But hey, he's the one that wanted to wear the front pack!

I love this picture of Preston. He has such pretty eyes. And man, he's a photogenic kid!

Isn't my cousin adorable? She came along, acting as Brizzy's second mama. That's what she's named herself.

It totally looks like we're posing, but we're not. I'm not sure why we're all staring and laughing at Briz, but she looks like perhaps she's screaming. Will wasn't too excited about the situation either.

We shoved her into the roses because they were matching. Didn't even plan it!

Already rolling her eyes at her Dad.

Beware, lots of kisses coming up. Briz has already kissed two boys. And she's already started the open mouth, french kiss. No seriously, when you go to kiss her now, she opens up her mouth and sticks out her tongue. My favorite thing about this picture is how she's grabbing his shirt. She's just a little aggressive :)

Are ya kidding me Mom? Seriously, who is this chick.

Brizzy is being smothered by her second mama. She looks like she's enjoying it too.

The face that I am making is because Briz is giving Presto the frenchie. I am for sure bringing this picture out when these two are older, if nothing else just to embarrass them. That's pretty much why I take pictures! It's all in the name of blackmail.


Amander said...

Ooh, I love your new header picture! And I love that Briz matches the roses - those pictures are so cute!

Kelly Munns said...

there's just too much to comment on, but in briz's defense...there's no actual kiss going on in that last picture. mom 0, briz 1

Nick and Lexie said...

That's the pre kiss picture. If you need proof, I guess I will just have to post it.