Monday, August 24, 2009

Portia the Nanny

The first 2 1/2 weeks of August, Briawna and Ronell came to visit with their two kids, Palmer and Portia. We had a lot of fun doing lots of different things. But Portia may have had the most fun taking care of "her baby." Portia learned early on, just how to talk to her. As soon as she would see her, she would squat down with her hands on her knees, and say (with the same influction that I use) "Hewoah Bwizzy Boo." She had a difficult time talking to her any farther than 2 inches from her face. And then when Briz would cry because of the invasion of her space, Portia would say, "Oh, is okay Bwizzy, is okay." A few times she tried to pick her up on her own. A little scary :) But Briz is so lucky to be loved so much by her older cousin. Briz couldn't look any different from her, seeing as she's pretty much as white as you can be. But I think they are going to be good friends, and Brizzy is going to learn lots of wonderful things from her cuz.


Tamara and Jonathan said...

haha, I love how totally cute the first photo is, and then all the other photos Briz looks like she's getting increasingly irritated by the perpetual invasion of her space... totally being mauled! too funny!!!!!!!

Amander said...

Okay, those two are so cute together! Great pictures, Lex.