Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun on the Water

We have been having fun on the water the last few days. Some of the pictures are a little belated, but hey, at least I posted them. Brizzy had her first boat ride a month ago, and has been out again a few times. She loves it. We also have taken my parents seadoos out to Detroit Lake. It was absolutely gorgeous on the Detroit and the lake was SO nice. I never want to leave; I feel like I could live there.

Nick waterskiing next to the ducks.
He successfully waterskiied on one. Don't know how he did it behind the seadoos.

The lake was absolutely beautiful. Here is Sierra waterskiing.

Cousin Crosby on her boat. She's my little nanny. She loves to change diapers!!!

Jaxon. He was wimpy and cold, but at least he looks cool with his two front teeth gone.

Little Brizzy bundled up.


Amander said...

Looks like you have been having so much fun. I'm jealous!

(Also, I am glad Nick didn't fall on the ducks and kill them.)

Zach and Cristi Benedict said...

So cute! Looks like the baby is lovin' it! :) Glad you are having a fun summer!

Sierra said...

You need to learn to put up ALL of your pictures on facebook!