Thursday, November 19, 2009

6 months STAT . . istics

Brizzy and I just got home from the doctor's. She's a little behind in her appointments, but that's alright, we don't mind so much. This is how she weighed in:
Weight: 14.0 lbs. exactly - 10%ile (I think about 8 lbs. of that is in her chin and cheeks)
Height: 27 inches - 75%ile
Head - 42.5 cm - 50%ile
So there ya have it. We were having some issue with pooping (yes again) when I introduced foods a few weeks ago. Apparently, her body sucks up all the liquid it can handle in an attempt to gain some weight, 'cause her metabolism is freakishly fast; hence not having enough liquid to have a normal bowel movement. And she eats SO much!!! She was such a little trooper for her shots. Now if I can only get her to not throw a fit when Signing Times ends.

P.S. My favorite quote from Glee yesterday was, "I have to go, they're gonna think I'm pooping."


Kera said...

LOVE Glee! Also, hilarious how she loves her sign language video. Ethan can't stand his..

Ashlee said...

Yes! My favorite quote too. Hi-larious.
And Briz is growing up so fast!

Amander said...

Can't wait to squeeze those Brizzy cheeks in a week!

And also, she'll love that fast metabolism one day.

And also, I had to comment on your comment on my monopoly blog - the "suck it" part WAS the best part of the whole blog! And of course I did the action :)

The Johnson Family said...
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The Johnson Family said...

Oops, we'll try this again. You guys are awesome and Brizzy is ADORABLE...of course!