Friday, November 6, 2009

A Few Weeks Behind

I am a little bit behind on my posts, and I have a lot of pictures to post, but I'll start with a few weeks ago. I took Briz to Eugene on a weekend to visit our cousins that live there. We wanted to see them play in all their fall sports games; they had 5 games in like 14 hours (that's including the night time). But Briz loved being around them. She loves older kids, particularly ones that obsess over her.

Here is Jaxon at his flag football game playing center. He thought he was pretty cool in his gloves. His Dad told me that when he first got them, he wore them to bed.

Crosby is an excellent babysitter. And Briz LOVES her. Crosby watched her all of Jaxon's game, which was a nice break. I was able to take a bazillion pictures like I like to do.
I think Jaxon has watched a little too much Oregon football. Here he is celebrating. It was so funny to watch him, because he literally thought he was playing intense, college football.

Next, we went straight to Tyus' game. Poor guy was sick, but still played really well. I like this picture, because it reminded me of Landon. He did the same thing in his basketball games. Genetics are weird!

Saturday morning, Nash and Jaxon were up watching cartoons. Then Nash decided he wanted to read Briz a story. Since he can't read (or "wead" as he says), he decided to simply explain the Natural Disasters in his book. Briz was pretty interested.

The first game on Saturday was Nash's. Jaxon was having fun playing catch on the sidelines. I tried to catch a candid one of him playing, but he was posing all over the place. Gotta love 8 year old teeth :)

Crosby again wanted to babysit; she wanted to carry her anytime we walked anywhere.

Briz' very first swing experience (minus her baby swing). She was fairly unamused.

In fact, she was so bored, that she started to slide down her seat. Jaxon couldn't quite figure out what was going on, so he decided that shoving her into the seat more was a good idea. Me, being the great attentive mom that I am, thought instead of fixing her, I would take a picture!

Jaxon's little buddies were trying to get him to come play football, but he was so cute, he couldn't break away from Briz. He wanted to make sure that her blankets were covering her just right.

Nash was playing tough in his game of three on three. Again, he thought it was a professional game of course.

I think he may be talking to himself here. My favorite moment of the game and perhaps the whole weekend was when his teammate, a little blonde boy about half his size yelled at Nash after he missed a goal, "Nash, go hawd next time!!!"

Then we went to another one of Tyus' games. He again, was sick. It didn't help when the weather changed from beautiful sunshine to pouring down rain. I haven't been that cold in a long time!!!

Last, but definitely not least, we went to Crosby's game. She was funny to watch because she kept looking over on the sidelines to make sure we were watching her. And she even listened to me, when I yelled at her to score a goal, she did!

Overall, it was a very fun weekend, and I was glad to be able to have Briz exposed to all of the sporting events and the older kids. She was in heaven.


Amander said...

I laughed out loud at the picture of her being shoved deeper into the swing. That kid is a thinker :)

Sierra said...

That picture of Tyus with his hands behind is head DOES remind me of Landon. That's SO weird. Tyus has always reminded me a little bit of Landon for some reason. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Wish I could have been there!

Meredith said...

Your cousins are so old! That is awesome that they have organized flag fooball.
You are a really good photographer, Lex. Some of those action shots were sweet.