Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween Part 2

On Halloween, Nick and I took Briz to Eugene for the U of O game. My parents sat next to us, and we had a blast watching Briz' reaction to all of the chaos, but even better was watching the Ducks play awesome against USC! (I am not, however, going to bring up the game proceeding USC, against Stanford, because it makes me angry). As we walked into the Stadium, I let Briz know that even though it wouldn't be the first time she got to be around drunken crazy college students, it was her very first smell of marijuana. I am definitely putting that first in her baby book.

This is the gorgeous Oregon sky above Autzen stadium.
Nona holding Briz. We handcrafted some sound decreasing devices for her ears. Those are ear muffs with socks stuffed into them.

And she of course has some of her U of O fan fare on.

Mama and Briz. And yes, my sweat shirt says my name on it. It's a long story, but I found it recently. I thought I had given it away to Meredith!

We forgot for a little while after that Briz didn't need her ear muffs on. They looked so funny on her, cause they squished her chubby cheeks together.

About half way through the game, we switched her into her Halloween costume because it's very snuggly and warm.

Overall, Briz very much enjoyed her first college football game experience. She slept about half the time, she spent about a quarter of it watching the Big Screen, and the other quarter was spent watching some excellent football. She was awesome; even when she was sleeping in her sling, and I was jumping up and down and yelling, she didn't seem to mind too much (Thank goodness for her sling). She had a very eventful and fun Halloween, and after wearing her costume 3 times, it is thoroughly saturated with drool and spit up, just how we like it :)

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Amander said...

You guys were busy around Halloween! Love briz's homemade ear plugs!