Wednesday, February 24, 2010


She's sort of starting to look like a boy with her hair. Which is why I have bow in it whenever possible.
My Aunt Sharyl (Yah Yah) painted this dresser for me. Isn't it so adorable? Wish those creative genes would have been passed down to me.
Getting very excited about clapping with her cup in hand.


Amander said...

Um, yeah, I need some of that creativity too! Really cute.

Evie Wonder said...

That dresser is adorable! Oh, and Brizzy, you totally look like a girl--even without the bow. Crawling?! That's crazy. Too long since I've seen you guys. But I'll be at Bachelor tomorrow night!

Hillary said...

Sharyl never feared anything when it came to artistic creativity. She's awesome.

And from previous postings, you have proven that you inherited that trait, too.

PS: Your child is adorable.