Friday, February 19, 2010

Knee Surgery

Nick is getting knee surgery in a few hours. And even though I am slighlty nervous (my head reels with the possibilities of things that can go wrong), I am a little excited to see him all doped up. I've heard from others that they say the craziest things. I already warned him I'm going to video tape him.

But this morning at 7:30 a.m. as I got back into bed after getting a drink of water, I already got a little preview (Nick talks in his sleep sometimes). This morning he was sort of half asleep:

Nick: One.
Lexie: What?
Nick: One . . . Eighteen.
Lexie: What?
Nick: That's my carbon footprint.
Lexie: Your carbon footprint from what?
Nick: Miles from my lazer pen, my lazer gun, all of that stuff.
Lexie: Huh? Why are you talking about a carbon footprint?
Nick: For that job you wanted (he's now very frustrated).
Lexie: What job?
Nick: Remember, you were trying to get your Ph.D. in carbon footprinting and there was that job.
Lexie: Laughing uncontrollably.
Nick: Nevermind (and he rolls over).

It's my favorite to try to carry on a conversation with Nick while he's talking in his sleep. When we were first married, he jumped out of bed and yelled, "He's a homosexual!" I wish he could remember what he was dreaming about, but he never can.

On another very positive note, my daughter likes to sleep like nobody's business. She has woken up before 9 only once this last week! I'm hoping its a permanent thing, but we'll see. Most days in the week I have to wake up early for work, so it doesn't really change my schedule. But for Fridays and my weekends, its like heaven! It makes for one happy mama. I haven't slept this much since high school!!!


Briawna said...

lucky. My children apparently inherited the "early to rise" gene from Ronell and I don't love it. I'm sure it will come in handy when they're in elementary school but for now it sucks.
P.S. I wish I could see Nick all doped up. You have to record him.

Amander said...

Please post a video of him :)

And I'll have to come to your graduation on carbon footprinting! Congrats, doctor!

Whitney and Seth Cottle said...

That's so funny about Nick talking in his sleep. My friend has a husband who does the same thing and I love to read her posts. We need to chat and catch up.

Evie Wonder said...

That's hilarious! Did the surgery go well?

Ashley said...

Both my husband and my daughter talk in their sleep. I've encountered everything from attack of the clowns to waking up to him standing on the bed, stepping over me to the six inches of space between me and the edge of the bed and crawling under the sheets and falling back asleep. My daughter on the other hand, has conversations with people. I've learned she likes the kitty, thinks Granny is too loud and that Daddy is SO FUNNY.

Really wish I could record some of these conversations. Apparently when I'm "out" I swear. Apparently in British slang.

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