Monday, February 22, 2010

This Weekend

A few things I learned this weekend:

- I am not even to close to being ready to be a mother of two!
- I'm not as sensitive to gross things like throw up, pee, bile, swelling, staples in body parts, etc. as I thought I would be.
- I'm not very strong physically; I need to start lifting weights (I learned this after Nick passed out in the bathroom).
- I get very bitter when its nice outside but I'm stuck inside.
- Briz doesn't like it very much when I take care of someone else more than her.
- Briz gets confused when she sees her Dad lying on the couch for a long period of time, and doesn't want to play with her every time he sees her.
- It's very nice to live 45 minutes away from my parents when I have had a long night with a coughing, crying baby and a helpless husband.
- I could never, ever, ever, be a nurse. Those people are saints!
- When Nick is on the couch all day long watching the Olympics, he becomes very opinionated about ice dancing. He enjoys it quite a bit and could be a commentator (this could be the drugs as well).
- It is a weird feeling to be away from your baby the first night, but I'm not gonna lie, it's kind of nice.
- Briz likes to make a grunting noise after every time she coughs. It's not very feminine, but its funny.
- I will never again schedule a husband's surgery on a Friday, and then go back to a full day of working on Monday. It doesn't make for the friendliest counselor!
- I CAN survive when my house isn't clean (don't tell Nick I wrote that).
- Even after a very hard weekend and Monday, I love my little goofy family.

Briz, the goof:
Briz is crawling around everywhere, mainly following me wherever I go:

Nick was like this for a couple days:


Kera said... disgusting! You are a saint to take care of your two babes.

Amander said...

I think Briz isn't ready for you to have another child either.

I hope things are going better - it sounds fairly miserable for all involved!