Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Swimming in Midway

We spent lots of time swimming in Midway. And it was so much fun to see Sadie get excited and kick in the water. I take Brizzy swimming almost every week at our gym pool, so she wasn't quite as enthralled. In fact, she anticipates exactly when I'm going to dunk her now, and she freaks out right before I do. I think its sort of funny, so I continue to do it. I figure she'll get over it one day :)

P.S. Lots of pictures below, just to warn you.

If she ever gets nervous in the water, she hugs me really tight, and so, sometimes I like it when she gets nervous. She's not a big cuddler other times. I'm selfish sometimes, what can I say.

Sadie busy eating her hand.

Palmer and Portia came up and joined us one afternoon. Briz and Sadie had fun watching the big kids. Palmer thought it was pretty funny to give himself a beard of bubbles; here he is wiping them off.

Oh yeah, Mom's chin tastes SO good.

Palmer is not very excited to be posing with the babies. He really could care less about them.

We're training Briz and Sadie for the circus.

Briz loved Sadie's ball. All my hopes of a feminine daughter are slowly fading.

Reunited and it feels so good!

This is what Briz looks like after swimming and being dunked under a little bit. I was hoping she would sleep extremely well, but not so much.

Nick is torturing her here.

I love this picture. Just having a little conversation in the pool.

Sadie was not happy about the posing. Come on you guys, just let me swim!

Cute little family.

She's not quite sure yet about this pool. And I'm not quite sure about Nick's face. I have lots of things I could put down as an explanation, but he will get mad at me for making fun of him on our blog (again).

Hmmm, this place has great lighting. (in Sadie's voice).

Getting ready to dive in.

Doing a little strip tease. Wouldn't be affective without a little drool.

The dads and their little women. I laughed so hard looking at Briz' face in this. She looks like she is thinking, "What the hell is going on here?"

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Carly said...

Favorite pictures (in order of comedy level):

1)Nick shoving Brizzy under the shower
2)Briz holding on to that pink ball for dear life
3)Sadie eating my chin
4)Sadie talking to herself