Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Almost 16 month old

I thought I would just give you a quick update about Briz. A few facts about this almost 16 month old:

- Still likes to eat . . . a lot.
- Loves to get messy. When going to the beach this last time, she would throw her food in the sand, roll it around, and then eat it. Lately, she's been enjoying eating sand, dirt, lotion, butt paste, you name it. And her meals are EVERYWHERE.
- Likes signing, she's a signing fool these days. It's fun to see her understand and learn.
- Whenever she does anything good she claps for herself.
- We are giving time outs more frequently because she understands when she's doing something bad, like stealing a toy or hitting her friends, and she will quite often give me an evil grin right before she does something bad. The good news is that after her timeouts, she really generally doesn't do it anymore, at least for a few hours. We're also signing sorry quite a bit.
- Recognizes people much more easily and is starting to say people's names (Like Nona, Papa, Landon, Sisi, Yahyah, Grandpa).
- Finally says Momma or Mom. It's kind of funny because she pronounces it very clearly. Sometimes she will say, my Mom.
- Wants to be running around ALL the time! She is a girl on the go.
- Becoming more and more social. When she sees kids at all, she can't resist going near them and trying to play with them. But she doesn't want them to actually help her, because she of course is just way too big for that.
-One of her new favorite words is "Nah," which means No. Lucky me. I tried avoiding that by saying uh uh! when she does something bad instead of No. Guess it didn't work.

When I start to think about it, she really hasn't changed much since she was a baby. She is still stubborn, independent, verbal, smart, aggressive, impatient, and goofy. The other thing that hasn't changed is I still can't resist kissing her cheeks. I'm starting to grieve going back to work because it will mean less Brizzy time for me :(

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Meredith said...

She is getting so big! I love that she is still a chunk. When will I see you again? We should start thinking about that...