Saturday, August 14, 2010

Busy Summer

My summer has been nuts. Nuts I tell you! But in the best way. Brizzy and I have been traveling buddies, mostly stay-cations really. I have two things to demonstrate just how "on the go" we have been.

1. I have taken hardly any pictures the last 5 weeks. I know, crazy.
Most of the time I have been without Nick, so it's me dragging Briz along with me, and trying to do fun things and watch a kid doesn't leave me with a ton of extra hands. Although as the blog viewer/reader, you may be happy about this, considering I generally put way too many pictures up.

2. When Brizzy wakes up she signs two things, the first is food of course. But the second she signs and says, "caw caw," translation car. In other words, where are we going? We have hardly been in our home for more than 45 minutes without traveling somewhere, even if that's just a day outing. The other morning I was doing my hair in the bathroom, Briz walks in and says, "caw?" Briz has already learned that if I am doing my hair it is only because we are going out and other people will see me, and so I must look somewhat groomed. What have I taught my child? Hopefully I have taught her to take advantage of Oregon summers. I am going back to work this week, and it just all goes by way too fast.

Here are some of the fun things we've done, most of which have not been captured on camera (I do however have some videos on my phone, which I have yet to learn how to upload since I don't get internet):

- Drove to Utah for a Barney Family Reunion in Ogden Canyon (this was without Nick, and yes, I do recognize just how crazy I am for doing this thirteen hour drive alone, but Briz was pretty good, all things considering), where I got to see all of my aunts and uncles and cousins and visited BFF Sadie.
- Went to our family cabin on Crescent Lake (three times so far) and played with cousins and aunts and uncles there.
- Visited Great Grandpa Denny in Sisters
- Have basically lived on boyfriend Jaron's boat and had my first tube ride
- Went camping at Lake Billy Chinook (again without Nick and yes I am once again crazy)
- Visited Portland Zoo
- Picked blackberries, strawberries, blueberries
- Went hiking at Silver Falls
- Visited the beach a few times

There may be more, but I'm tired just typing it. This has all been within a span of about 5 weeks, so yes, we have practically lived in our car. Hopefully Briz will be satisfied with a much less exciting life once I go back to work.
I am tired, so I avoid putting clothes on her whenever possible. One less thing to do.

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Amander said...

Briz is such a cutie!!!

I am glad I got to see you for a little bit in your busy summer. And I'm super excited for our October trip!