Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School Back to School

I am back at work, as of last Friday. I am still resisting it a little, and still in disbelief a little, mostly because it's such nice weather. I don't like working when it's nice and hot outside. I guess the good news is I'm only .5, so that helps me feel like I can still play a little. And I took Briz to her very first daycare. And man, that is an experience. I think I anticipated it to be incredibly heartwrenching, that when it was only sad, I was relieved. But Briz and I both managed to survive it. And I think it will be okay. It is still definitely not ideal (ideal would be to have unlimited amounts of money and to hire the best nanny money can buy to be in our home), but it will work. I'm grateful that I don't really worry about Briz in social situations. She is a very strong, aggressive little girl, that if anything, I worry she's not going to be disciplined strictly enough and that she'll pick on other kids. And I am also grateful I have a job that I love. In this economy, particularly in education it is really difficult to get a job, particularly that meets my needs as a working mom.


Carly said...

So what is Briz' daycare like? How many kids are there? I love her nickname. When Sadie stayed with some friends they could not get over how much she eats. At least we know Briz and Sadie already have that in common

Amander said...

I'm glad it wasn't too hard on either of you. How is being back at school?