Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Games in Eugene

The last two weekends Briz and I have gone down to Eugene to visit cousins. Our trip a week ago was to watch some soccer and football games.

Jaxon pushing Briz in her stroller after his football game.
I love Briz' new puffy coat. She can hardly move in it sometimes, particularly if she falls on the floor; its nearly impossible for her to get back up. It involves a lot of grunting and I love to watch.
Jaxon was more excited to play with Brizzy and show her off to his fellow teammates than he was to even really play. As you can tell, Briz didn't mind the attention.

We went to Tyus' soccer game where he played great. It was fun to watch him play on the JV team. But also weird. It makes me feel old!

Crosy, the stylish teenager with Briz (doesn't Briz look like Chris Farley in this picture?)

Brizzy's so lucky to be adored by her cousins. She adores them equally back. Endless amounts of attention! Who could ask for more?

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Sierra said...

This makes me want to be there in Oregon so bad!!