Friday, November 5, 2010


We had a busy Halloween weekend, so I have divided into three big events:

1. Nelson's Halloween Party: Their annual costume party where a ton of people from our ward show up. It's the non-censored party if you will. Our family went with an Asian theme this year. Nick was a Samurai, I was a geisha, and Brizzy was a sumo wrestler. I sprayed Brizzy and my hair black, but Brizzy's hair was gray by the end of the night, so she just looked like a big fat, old lady in diapers. For a good part of the night, she was wearing no diaper, just a cloth thong thingy to get the full affect. It made people a little nervous that she would take a dump on the floor, but she held out for quite a while, just in time for us to put a diaper on her. The best costume of the night was Brett as Coach Beast (see my facebook page). Briz was a champ, as we made her stay up until 10 p.m. The sugar kept her going strong!

2. Nash's baptism, etc.: We drove down to Eugene for little Nashy poo's baptism. We, however, missed, the actual baptism, because Nick and I were busy arguing over directions. We did make the confirmation, however, and for the rest of the activities for the day. We went out to lunch at Olive Garden and to Crosby's soccer game. I did not dress Briz quite appropriate; she was freezing in her dress. She was so cold and tired, she even fell asleep in my arms at the soccer game. It was a Halloween miracle and I loved it, even though the poor girl was so tired.

3. Trunk or Treat: I didn't get to spend a lot of time enjoying the night with Briz because I was busy running the cake walk. But I did get to spend a little bit of time with her. She was a ladybug for this night, because the outdoor trunk or treat was too wet and cold for just a thong. And she was just as adorable. She loved trick or treating. It took her a few cars, but she got it pretty quickly. She would go up to a car trunk, say "twee," take the candy, throw it in her pumpkin, and sign/say "tayyoou" (thank you). She loved just running around with her candy and with all of the big kids. Sugar + Briz = happiness.

P.S. I forgot a big fourth event. Briz went into nursery on Sunday! Wahoo!!! I felt like Mel Gibson because I kept yelling "Freedom" randomly during church. I really did feel like I had so much free time. And she loved it. I was hoping maybe just a little bit that she would miss me, but no, she didn't.


Briawna said...

Yeah for nursery!!!! Palmer cried when I picked him up and kept saying, "no, no, no!" Portia just ignored me and kept giving me the stink eye hoping I would leave. apparently, my kids like nursery better than me. Fine in my book. As long as they don't cry, it's cool. I need more videos.

Maggie said...

Oh Lexie. Your posts make miso happy.

Amander said...

(Ha to Maggie's pun.)

And LOVE Briz as a sumo wrestler. That's one of the best baby costumes I've seen.

Tamara said...

Holy crap! When did that happen! You look away for a minute and they're huge. No fair. But your yelling "Freedom!" in church totally cracked me up. Actually tons of stuff that I read on here tonight has me cracking up, from the fear of Briz dumping on the floor to arguing over directions. Just... real! Love it.