Saturday, November 20, 2010

Brizzy is talking a lot these days (see video below). Often she is singing/talking to herself in her own language, but she is saying like 10 new words a day. I can't seem to keep up. Here are some translations of her talking:

-Mommadadda - the combined parent, much more powerful than mom herself (she also says nonapapa)
- kween uh - clean up
-waydeego (always whispered with her arms stretched out) - where did it go?
-nuk - milk
-teez - please
-taayou- thank you
-yiiiaaahh (long i sound) - yeah! what she says when she's excited, which is quite often
-yeth - yes, which she says nonstop
-nak -snack, which is what she calls all meals
-cooookie - this means well, cookie, but also, she gets it confused with the word cooking, so I have to be careful about that. When I am cooking something, she automatically thinks she's going to get a cookie.
-wuh you - love you, she always signs this when she says it, which is hilarious, and makes her look like a slow child.
-cawcaw - car. She has been saying this for a while, but her obsession with cars seems to grow! Apparently, the only thing she will watch on TV is nascar. Nice.
-baccue - vacuum, which she is still afraid of. But she has her own vacuum which she loves. Mommy's baccue is evil.
-paapaa- backpack. I got her an adorable little backpack in Hawaii which she wears anytime we go anywhere. Sometimes it gets so heavy that it makes her fall over and its really funny.
-sweee - sweep. Briz helps me clean, its one of her favorite things to do, so this is why much of her vocabulary has to do with cleaning.
-bow- (said in a very deep voice) ball, the other favorite toy still (Other favorites, mimi-minnie, beh/taddy- teddy bear, biby - baby, buhboo- big bird, biggy- binky).

I could go on and on, but I won't because you will be incredibly bored with me. I just think she's the funniest person alive. It makes for great entertainment. A good reason to have a kid :)


Amander said...

I gotta get me one of those (a child, I mean). I could use more entertainment in my life.

I particularly enjoy that she loves Nascar.

Evie Wonder said...

That video made Adam and me LAUGH.OUT.LOUD!