Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Songs of Comfort

My friend Meredith knows me too well and sent me some mixed CD's after she found out about Holland's death (I am working on using the words death and dying openly, its not always easy). Meredith knows that I love music, and her CD's were the perfect "mourning present." One of the CD's is more of a "put me in a good mood" kind of CD with funny songs that are full of memories (maybe I will post about that one later). But the other one has songs of comfort that have brought me peace and strength. I wanted to share a few that have affected me recently.

(this one I couldn't embed for some reason, but it's one of my favorites).


Briawna said...

nessun dorma is one of my favorites. perfect comfort music.

Amander said...

Meredith did a great job with these cds.

And maybe I am going to go download these songs on zamazar right now.