Friday, January 20, 2012

Seattle . . . I love you

A week and a half ago, Nick invited Briz and I to come up with him to Seattle where he had to work.  Last time we went was last June.  I was very pregnant and Briz was puking her guts out the whole time, so I was a little weary.  But it ended being a really fun trip where I got to explore the city with my little girl.  

We stayed at the Westin in downtown Seattle, which was awesome because it was right next to everything.  We could basically walk everywhere.  The city was beautiful with all of its Christmas lights still up.  Here's what we did:

- Slept, napped . . . a lot
- Swam in the indoor pool . . .  a lot
- Walked around the city . . . a lot
- Saw a gang fight in an alley . . . just once (and a milestone for Briz)
- Ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, and we ate a lot
- Got some cupcakes from the famous "Yellow Leaf Cupcake" shop
- Went to the Seattle Aquarium, where Briz was afraid of most of the creatures we saw (except for the sea lion and sea otters because apparently she was convinced they loved her)
- Road the monorail down to the Seattle Center
- Tried to sneak into a children's play with a school group, but Briz did a terrible job at lying and trying to pass off for a 6 year old
- Watched CNN and Fox News a . . . a lot ( I know, I go crazy when I am on vacation)
- Rode the Seattle Trolley down to Lake Union

 This picture is particularly for Mamanda.  These otters were cuddling while sleeping and it was really cute.  If I could appreciate such a sweet animal moment, I knew she would.

 Briz on the monorail.


Kelly Munns said...

oh man, that pic of briz on the monorail looks JUST like you, lexie!! she's too cute.

Carly said...

I want to know how many gang fights in alleys you have witnessed before

Amander said...

I love the otter picture! That is so sweet. I think I need a wall full of pictures of sweet animal moments.

And that sounds like such a nice vacation.

I'm missing you already, though.

Unknown said...

Kelly- you really think so? I hardly ever see myself in Briz, so it's funny to hear. But I like it :)

Carly - yes, I've seen a lot. You know what kind of crowd I run with; this really shouldn't surprise you too much.

Amander - you're so high maintenance! Sheesh. The things I do to continue our friendship. I will give the idea some thought and then get back to you.