Monday, January 23, 2012


 Last weekend, I went to Vegas for my annual friends gathering.  I very much needed some time with my lady friends.  I had so much fun.  But the downside is that I get very sad when I have to say good-bye to them.

Highlights of the trip were:
- The Celine Dion concert (deserves it's own post)
- Visiting Jacci at the Marquee
- Watching the Golden Globes and making endless lists of our "Top 5's"
- Teasing Amander about her new lover
- Trying to force Sam to date people in her ward
- Going for walks (much to Sam's dismay)
- Sam and Maggie cooking for us
- Owen putting on a little show for us and boosting my ego by smiling a little extra for me
- Talking, laughing, talking, and laughing


Amander said...

Yes! It was such a great weekend. I get really sad, too, when leaving. I wish we were all meant to live in the same state.

And Celine - I saw some article about how she hosted the Chinese New Year celebration at Cesar's Palace and I got really excited because I feel like I know her personally after that show.

Sammy said...

It was a great weekend. I'm excited that we will have other reasons to all gather together again this year. And I feel like since we didn't watch "this is it" it warrants another girls weekend this year. So grateful to have you guys in my life... it wouldn't be a full life without you in it.

Meredith said...

I can't wait to have money so I can fly across the country for a girls weekend with you all! I miss you guys.

Maggie said...

Sniff....teardrop......come back Alexi and Mamanda! If for no other reason (of which there are actually many) we need to get together as soon as may be to clarify all the celebrity rules that got confused. The only one I know for sure that still applies is that cartoon characters are not allowed to be hot. Sorry Lex :) Love you ladies with all mine heart.

Papworth's said...
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Papworth's said...

Sorry, I left a deleted mark on your comment page! I got distracted by Ella pulling her hairdo out! Anyway, I was saying that I was so so excited that you got to see Celine! I've been wanting to see her like my whole life. Michael and I had a bet going on the sex of the baby, when I was pregnant with Will. I won and he was supposed to take me to see her. Ask if he has? I'm so glad you had tons of fun and you got to get away! Sounds like you have wonderful, wonderful friends!