Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stuff She Says

I miss my iPad for a lot of reasons. But one in particular is because it was nice to have something to write down all of the random crap Briz says on a day to day basis. Some of it is a direct copycat of me. But other things, I honestly have no idea where she gets them. She really does talk like she's 15 and it scares me to no end! Here are some of her favorite things to say recently:

- "How about in 30 minutes?"

- "Cute necklace Mom!" or "Cute shoes Dad"

- "That matches!"

- "Leave me alone" generally when she's watching a movie or going to the bathroom

- "You tired Lou?" (this is directed to me). A lot of the questions she ask me end in saying Lou

- "You're not being very nice to me." to Nick or I when we are disciplining her

- She also likes to put her hands on your face when she kisses you and move her head around. When Nick asked her where she learned that, she said, "Enchanted."

- "Just a little bit?" This is when she is generally asking for a treat or something she knows she shouldn't have

- "That's my new favorite _" insert the word princess, movie, shirt,dress etc.

-"That's lovely."


Papworth's said...

So funny! I love it. She cracks me up. Just adorable! Will likes to call me babe. It comes out beb though, that's how he hears it when Michael calls me it. Funny how they're going on 17 huh? Sometimes I have to remind myself that Will really is only 4. Oh the fun these two would have. Definitely worth recording a good conversation between the two of them. Michael told me how fun it was to babysit Briz and how she slept in her princess dress!

Amander said...

Hahahaha. I love Briz. I kind of wish I was going to see her this weekend.

I love that she is calling you Lou. And I also love the way she is kissing you. Niya does that, but that's because she is trying to steal lipstick from people's lips.