Saturday, March 24, 2012

Seeing the princesses!

I already added a bunch of pictures on facebook that you can see here.  We went to Disneyland a few weeks ago with the Papworths and had a blast.  I don't think that I would say it was exactly restful, but it was in fact, awesome.  Will and Briz and Ella were so cute together.  And Michael and Kristi were very patient with Nick and I's amusement park craziness.  The real low point was shoving the 3rd pair of socks into Briz' boots (that Nick purchased in Anaheim after discovering Briz was a couple inches too short to go on the "big rides"), and watching Briz hobble her way to the front of the line.  In the end, we were only able to sneak her onto Splash Mountain and Star Tours (damn Disneyland workers!).

The highlights:

- Briz meeting "Mapunzel." She was absolutely nervous and star struck, it was adorable.  She told Rapunzel she loved her and sang her the song from Tangled, "And at last I see the light."  
- Watching the parade and Briz getting so excited about all of the characters (well, mostly the princesses)
- Riding the Dumbo ride: it was her favorite
- Watching Briz' face as we went down the big fall at Splash Mountain.  She was pretty freaked out but loved it.
- Staying up way too late talking to Michael and Kristi, which made us even more tired (not smart, but definitely worth it).
- Nick going to California Adventure; he had never been.  What makes us especially cool was when we sprinted to Tower of Terror just so we could get on the very first ride of the day.
- My Dad coming and spending some time with Briz and the whole gang (Don't ever tell my Dad that you're going to Disneyland, because he may try to show up and join you :) ).
- Briz and I decided to stay a few days longer and go see Paul, Mac, Baby Dane, Baxter, and Bailey.  We mostly just hung out and enjoyed the sun.  But we did go to Seaworld one day where Briz was able to watch Shamu in all his glory.  She is OBsessed.


Amander said...

In that picture where you are kissing Briz, I think she is TOTALLY pulling a Lexie face.

Your trip looks like so much fun!

Maggie said...

Man, you are a Disneyland Dork! Who knew!? And, yet, I love you all the same. So much so I'd get an embroidered denim jacket from there with our names on it. So glad you had fun!

P.S. I just finished Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I quite liked it. Let me know what you think when you're done :)