Thursday, March 29, 2012

What the dangit!

On March 21st, it snowed here. Snowed I tell you! Stupid stupid Oregon. You make me crazy in the springtime. Just give me some freakin' sun!
The only upside to all of this terrible weather is Briz playing in the snow with her friends, Cole and Ty. She was pretty ecstatic about making a snowman. (She also thought Cole's name was Colan). The last time we were out in the snow was when we went snow shoeing up by Mount Hood. So when she saw the snow, she looked to me and asked me if we could go hiking.The

(The title of this post can be credited to Sadie Nielson: her most recent catch phrase).


Carly said...

Thanks for the title credit. PS- why was Brizzy so dressed up to play in the snow?

Unknown said...

Carly- Because we are very sophisticated in our house. Only dresses for playing in the snow. Actually, I got her dressed before I saw the weather outside. And . . . I was too lazy to change her outfit.

Maggie said...

Woah, her hair is long! Lexie, I think it's a tad much for your 3 year old to get extensions.

Amander said...

I wish we had good snow here. And Brizzy looks so cute in her coat. I really need to see her again soon.