Friday, April 19, 2013

Disneyworld Part 2

DAY II: Blizzard Beach
DAY III: Swimming at Resort
DAY IV: Easter

Nick, Briz, Jacci, and I all went to Blizzard Beach on Day 2, and it was awesome.  It wasn't the hottest day, so there were times where we were cold, but luckily the water was warm.  

Briz went down some scary water slides but loved them.  I had a mini heart attack before.  But most of the time, we spent just swimming in the wave pool, cause Briz really just wanted to swim.  She kept getting knocked over by waves and for some reason loved it.

On Saturday, we spent the day relaxing, playing games, swimming, and playing by the beach (the resort we stayed at had their own lake and beach). 

Disneyworld?  Who needs Disneyworld when you have sand and water?

All the Cottle siblings playing in the sand.

And this is sort of how we all felt all week.  We were so tired.

On Sunday, Grandma Julie had arranged for the Easter Bunny to come bring the girls Easter baskets.  The stupid Easter Bunny came way too early!  But the baskets were adorable so that made up for it I guess.  

They had a big Easter egg hunt at the resort with all of the kids.

It was another fun day, and it was nice to relax some more before our final two theme park days.  Although the relaxing ended when we completed our championship of the world games (which included a very feisty game of charades).

Our family.  We just need to photoshop Kenzie into this picture.  

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Cristi Benedict said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun!!