Thursday, May 16, 2013

Art Party!!!

I already posted a bit about her birthday party, but I hadn't uploaded pictures yet, so I thought I would share some photos from Brizzy's art party.

 All little girls and one boy.  Poor Elliott.  But he's a good sport.

 Painting frames

Finger Painting

 Face Painting

 And Poster Painting

 Aunt Brittany is the best.  Plus, she's cute.

 A lot of messes

 A lot of snacks

 A pinata

 With a lot of candy

 Nick was pretty proud of himself for destroying the pinata.

Briz tore threw her presents.   But all the girls loved the high heels from Aunt Brittany.  Briz tries to convince me every. single. day. to let her wear them.

Look at that face.  So modest about the attention.  Or not at all.  She is a great actress. All day she kept asking me, " When are they going to sing to me?"

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