Sunday, May 19, 2013


You probably already know this, but Briz is spoiled.  Big time.  I can admit it.  When she was born I was adamant about not letting her be spoiled, and I was very purposeful in trying to not give her too much.  But things have changed and our family looks a bit different than we thought.  So . . .  I decided that I want to enjoy being Brizzy's mama and having fun with her.  What do we do when we want to have fun?  Go to Disneyland of course!

It was such a fun day with just Briz and I.  She is at a great age because she was so excited about everything, was good about waiting in lines (although I had a 20 minute waiting rule), and riding the big scary rides.  It was a hot hot day, with a nice little breeze.  We made friends with everyone in line, and met people from all over the world.  We sang and danced a lot.  Brizzy got the Disney Junior theme song stuck in my head cause she would not stop singing it. It was a great (and tiring) day.

First time in Cars Land.  She could not have been more excited about meeting the real Lightning McQueen.  She was a bit skeptical and intrigued at first, but then when she saw the eyes move and him speaking, it was a done deal!

She told me yesterday, when do I get to meet Cinderella again? I responded with, "You're kidding right?  You've met Cinderella twice in the last month!"

I think this was her favorite.  She met Ariel at Disneyworld, but she was the Mermaid Ariel.  Very different.  She wanted to meet Ariel in her blue dress.

And she loved meeting Aurora.  They talked all about flying on planes.  After, Briz wanted to know how princesses travel.  We jointly concluded they must have special princess airplanes.

She also saw Mary Poppins and Burt in the parade and was ecstatic! She then changed from singing the Disney Channel theme song to the Chimchimeree/Step in Time song (whilst marching of course).

Didn't get to ride on Dumbo at Disneyworld cause the line was 80 minutes!!!  What!  Thank goodness it was only five, because for some reason Briz loves this ride.

Wanted to imitate Alice (and the girls before her who did the exact same pose).

Last ride of the day.  She loves this ride too.  Singing and dancing dolls dressed up from around the world?  A little four year old's dream come true!

My favorite moment perhaps though was taking her on Soarin' over California for the first time. She was overwhelmed with joy and I loved watching it.

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Carly said...

Can we go to Disneyland with you some day?