Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Big Four Year Old

Briz turned the big 4 on April 30th.  I was freaking out a bit, but I'm pretty sure I'm over the shock, since Briz reminds me about 46 times a day that she is four now.  The great thing is that I use it to my benefit. . . "Oh Briz, you can clean up your room because four-year-olds clean up their room."  Bam.  

She had a wonderful birthday, mostly because I'm stupid and thought it would be fun to throw her a big birthday party.  Wrong.  Well, I should say, it was fun to see Briz and all of her friends excited.  But I am stupid because she would have been just as excited had I made her her own plate of rainbow cupcakes and let her eat all of them herself.  Oh well, you live and learn.  We had an art party (Briz is obsessed with all things art related) at the park since it was so nice.  Her friends and her all got to paint a ton, play at the park, hit a pinata, eat cupcakes and way too much candy, and even play with water guns a bit. 

 Perhaps the best present was her aunt Brittany!  She came into town just for Brizzy's birthday.  Talk about the best aunt ever.  And on top of that, she bought Briz three pairs of princess high heeled shoes.  When she opened them up, all of Brizzy's friends screamed they were so excited.

And here she is on her actual birthday, wearing the high heels.  I let her wear them all day, which for me, was a big deal.  I let her dress herself and she got to choose to do whatever she wanted to do.  That, of course, ended by nap time, when I decided I could handle no more whiney/bossiness.

Prior to nap time, we were able to visit Dad at work, and we attempted to eat at a nearby park.  Didn't work out so well in the rain.  But either way, Briz was just excited to see her Dad.

I love my big four year old, and can't wait to see what she learns this year.


Carly said...

Happy birthday Briz! Four years old seems so old to me.

Amander N said...

Aw, you are such an awesome mom! An art party?! I want one.

And four is SO old. She was just a tiny little baby not very long ago at all.