Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Break Washington Style

The Hughs came down to Portland for their Spring Break, and we took the chance to do some fun things with them.  Poor Bri was like 37 weeks pregnant trying to haul all three kids around.  It made me tired just watching her.  But regardless, we had fun.  

Portia and Briz in particular love each other.  It's a little scary how much they act like little teeny boppers.  Here they are taking self portraits with Portia's new camera.  

Of course we went to the zoo.  It was a great day, a bunch of animals were out.

Portia, Teya, and Briz entertaining themselves while Palmer obsessed over the blow hole.  I think it may have been his favorite thing at the zoo.

They were a little disturbed by his rear end.  Can you blame them? (sidenote: Nick and I went and saw Cosby this weekend and he did like a five minute bit about all of the animals that God has punished.  He discussed how the Baboon was cursed to always have his behind enflamed).

Another day we went down to the Tulip Festival.  There is this Fred Meyer poster by our house with flowers on it, and Briz informs me about 75% of the time we drive by it, that it's a sign for the Tulip Festival.

You can't tell in this picture, but the name of the flower is Big Smile.

Bri caught this one for me :)

We miss them and can't wait to meet their new addition, Thatcher.  Seattle is close, but maybe not close enough? :)

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