Friday, June 28, 2013

9 years!

Nick and I celebrated our 9th anniversary this year.  The crazy thing about 9 is that it's basically 10 years, well, when you round up.  How have I been married for almost 10 years?  Once you get past 10, it all sort of becomes a blur doesn't it?
To celebrate this year, we spend half of a day hiking, one of our very first dates when we were teenagers:  Punchbowl falls in the Gorge.  It ended up being a lot easier than I remember, and so we hiked a little further.  We ended up at the High Bridge, which was this creaky little bridge ridiculously high up.

When we went as teenagers, it was a hot day and we went swimming in the water.  I got in up to my ankles and thought I was going to suffer from hypothermia.

For those that have gone to the LDS temple, this picture may look somewhat familiar.

It was such a fun afternoon of talking, laughing, and hiking.  Felt good to remember all of the ups and downs of the last 9 years, and there has been plenty of each.  Grateful to have someone who works hard with me at trying to be a good person and keep our family together.

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