Monday, June 17, 2013

Crazy Weekend

That's what happens when all of my siblings are in town.  Craziness.  Luckily, we were all too tired to be our regular intense selves, so things remained relatively mellow.  But we did have a lot of fun stuff going on.

1. Sierra's Bridal Shower (for which I have no pictures).

2. Sierra went through the temple.  It was so great being in the temple with my family.  Now all five siblings are endowed: it's a good thing to remind my parents when they think we're evil.

3.  Palmer's baptism.  We drove up early the next morning to Seattle.  Palmer was so adorable.  I just want to hug this kid all the time.  And record everything he says.  He's hilarious and he has no idea.

4.  After the baptism we went to the Mariners/Yankees game.  Briz and Portia were pretty excited.  But really, they are always excited just to be together.

Landon got to sit in the trunk on the drive, which enabled him to effectively and creepily photobomb my picture.

 5.  I met Thatcher for the first time.  He is the tiniest, cutest little baby boy I've ever seen.  He's beautiful, and he has the amount of hair for an average two year old.  I also got to see little Link again.  He is talking and smiling more and more, and he is adorable.

6.  Tanner came with Sierra into town, so we all get to spend time with him.  Already feels like he is part of the family.  And Teya, in particular, loves him. It's a bit scary.

Portia and Briz are quite the pair.  Briz thought it would be a great idea post Palmer's baptism for her and Portia to baptize each other.  However, Brizzy's technique for baptizing Portia was to shove her to the ground.

I love my crazy family.

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