Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Hughs

After we got back from Reno, Bri and Ronell's kids came to stay with me (all except Thatcher).  Since baby Thatcher had been born, I wanted to help out, and thought the best way would be to keep her kids entertained for a few days.  I think rather than entertaining them, I wiped them out.  But regardless, we had a lot of fun.

We went to Jamison Square in downtown.  It's one of my favorite splash parks in the city.  
Very few homeless people + a nearby ice cream shop = success.

The girls were wiped out and wanted sleep, and Palmer well, he wanted to play video games.

We went to Carolwood Park in Beaverton that night for some free pizza and activities. 

We went swimming at Uncle Mark and Aunt Susie's twice.  Their pool has been one of our favorite summer spots this year.  

It was a fun, crazy few days.  It was a blast enjoying some summer sun with these kiddos.

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