Friday, August 30, 2013


Nick announced Tanner and Sierra's celebrity name at their wedding, so it's officially Tierra.  A bit feminine but it gets the job done. 

Their wedding, like their celebrity name, was both beautiful and quite feminine.  It was an absolutely gorgeous sunny day, and we all had a blast.  And I'm not exaggerating when I say that it was the most beautiful wedding I have been to.  It was small, but my parents did an amazing job pulling this one together.

The flowers were beautiful.  

All of the grandkids love Uncle Landon

The guest book

Seating Assignments and Menu

Their memory table.

Loaded this with amazing cookies towards the end.  

My Mom did a great job making the place very much Sierra.  Wouldn't be complete without some vintage chairs and books.

The seating.  Nick and I spent hours the day before hanging the lanterns.

Her cake on a dresser.

Behind Sierra and Tanner, the little stars of the wedding.

As you walk towards the entrance.

The scrumptious food.  It was very good, but also the colors were of course amazing.

They had a lemonade stand with the colors of the wedding: raspberry lemonade, mint lemonade, and regular lemonade.

The girls performed their song.  And I was pissed at the DJ because it was way too loud.  Either way, they loved it.  After, when walking back to their chairs, Portia yelled, "That was awesome!"

It was so fun to celebrate with Tanner and Sierra.  We had some awesome dancing, including a dance line.  Palmer was the best dancer there hands down, although very serious about his dancing: drenched in sweat and focused.  The Dads gave sweet talks.  Tanner's grandpa offered Tanner's younger brothers to Sierra.  There was a great slideshow, and Tanner nailed Sierra in the face with cake.  I'm talking, almost flattened her.  It was a great day.  

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