Friday, August 16, 2013

Little Dirty

After the cabin, we continued the drive down to Reno to visit Brett, Julia, Jaron, Grant, and Carly.  It was so fun to see them settled in Reno, in their gorgeous new home, and with their two new additions.  

Briz was very open about preferring Carly.  I would have felt bad, except that Jaron was just as adamant about preferring Grant.

Briz was excited about Carly only periodically.  She was mostly ecstatic to play with her friend that she misses.

We spent a lot of time at their country club pool.  The best moment was when Jaron pulled down his pants and tried to pee in the pool.  Thank goodness I can just blame his Mom.

We spent 4th of July at Incline on Lake Tahoe.  It was absolutely nuts.  But it was fun to see Lake Tahoe and spend time in the sun.  Nick flew straight from Russia to Reno so he could join us.

Briz fit right in with the beer drinking crowd. 

I was envious of their backyard.  A huge patio, which Briz enjoyed riding a bike, scooter, and played some b-ball.  Here she is posing her perfected shot.

Look at that follow through.
We miss our friends but are so glad we were able to go visit them and meet Grant and Carly.

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